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Wisconsin Dells Media Policy

Reporter Requests and Visits

Allow us to dispense with the guesswork regarding media requests and visits. After all, we’d rather have you save your energy for exploration and discovery. So here are the basics covering Wisconsin Dells media requests and media visits.

  • What is the Visitor Bureau’s media policy?
    We are happy to assist staff writers/reporters and freelance writers who have an assigned story on Wisconsin Dells. We’ll ask about the focus of the story and the scheduled run date to make certain you receive what you need in a timely fashion. For freelance writers, we’ll ask for an assignment letter and samples of stories published in the last six months.
  • Do you cover the cost of a media visit to Wisconsin Dells?
    With an assigned story, the Visitor Bureau will evaluate your information and may issue a VIP media pass that provides free admission to many of the area’s top attractions and discounts on dining. If approved, we issue one media pass per reporter (with assigned story) per year.
  • Will you assist with accommodations?
    We are always pleased to assist with Wisconsin Dells area lodging recommendations to complement your assigned story. Based on the type and focus of the story, the Bureau may help coordinate a one-night stay, mid-week Sunday through Thursday. Should deadlines require weekend accommodations, we’ll have you work directly with the property. Standard in-area accommodations are most often a double queen room.
  • May I bring family members with me?
    A Wisconsin Dells media pass allows additional admissions, and many lodging properties are willing to accommodate up to four people when the story will be told from a family perspective.
  • Who qualifies for a Wisconsin Dells media pass?
    Media passes are provided to full-time editorial and news-gathering professionals covering travel, entertainment, business and feature stories who are associated with a valid news organization* (one of the following) and has been assigned a story:

Broadcast Media
News Producers   
News Writers   
Assignment/Planning Editors 

Print Media
News Reporters
News Writers

Online Media
Staff Bloggers
Feature Writers
News Reporters

  • Are meals covered?
    We do not cover the cost of meals or beverages, although the media pass does provide discounts at many popular restaurants in the community. If you are a culinary writer and the sole focus of your story is a food review, we’ll work with the restaurants you’ll be covering to arrange for access. The Visitor Bureau never covers the cost of alcoholic beverages.
  • Do you ever bring in reporters?
    From time to time, for major media outlets and depending on the story focus, we will assist with travel arrangements.
  • How much time do you need to process a media request?
    We like to work at least five business days in advance, although we certainly understand that deadlines sometimes mean turning requests around even more quickly than that.
  • Can you help with arranging interviews?
    Absolutely. Whether you’d like to interview business owners in-person or by phone, we can assist with recommendations and arrangements.
  • Do you have high-resolution photos and beta b-roll available?
    Yes, we shoot new photos and video each year. Click here to access our on-line digital image library. As for video, we have a standard beta b-roll that we refresh each year. Contact us for b-roll footage.

To get the ball rolling, call or e-mail our PR office. We pride ourselves on being very prompt and informative in our reply.

Leah Hauck-Mills
Communications Manager
(608) 254-8088, ext. 346


    *All media affiliations must be verifiable and/or a copy of the publication forwarded for editorial content and masthead.

    **Employment will be verified on all media requests to check for status and validation of position as news and/or editorial.


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