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We know safety is at the top of your mind. Ours too. But before we cover the safety checklist and review the FAQs, may we just say how much we’ve missed your smiling face and that we can’t wait to welcome you back to “The Waterpark Capital of the World!®” While travel will continue to look a little different, there are still lots of new and happy memories to be made when we all look out for each other.

O.K., now on to that list we promised. It’s really a “what to do before” and “what to do while you’re here” kind of safety checklist. So here goes. 

What to Do When You Travel TO WISCONSIN DELLS

  1. Use planning tools. The Wisconsin Dells Vacation Guide is free and it’s your best first step to mapping out the kind of stay you’ve been dreaming of. The online Trip Builder is another tool to check out.
  2. Call ahead. The best way to find out what precautions a particular business has in place such as face coverings or social distancing guidelines is to hear it from the source. Place a call in advance to accommodations, attractions, shops and restaurants you’re interested in visiting.
  3. Time your visit right. Midweek usually means more deals and fewer crowds, so see if you can swing it, make it a midweek getaway.
  4. Reserve in advance. Start by finalizing your hotel reservation. Then check into reserving tickets to attractions too.
  5. Pack your travel essentials. Save room in the suitcase for face masks and hand sanitizer, along with swimsuits and floaties of course.
  6. Reschedule as necessary. If anyone in your vacation “pod” is experiencing flu-like symptoms, please stay home and visit another time. We’ll be here waiting for you!   
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 Q. Is there a mask mandate in Wisconsin?

A. There is currently no statewide mask mandate. However, some area businesses may still require or encourage mask-wearing, so the easiest (and kindest) thing to do is have one handy just in case.

 Q. Should I expect lines and more waiting than usual?

A. The honest answer is yes. With so much pent-up demand for a vacation, Wisconsin Dells is sure to be at the top of many a vacationer’s bucket list. Practicing patience will go a long way in keeping it chill for everyone, including you and your family, fellow vacationers, and area employees (especially since staffing is still ramping up here). Thanks in advance on this one.

 Q. What source of health guidance has Wisconsin Dells been following?

A. Throughout the last year, we’ve been leaning on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We also track state and local health organizations for added best practices and mandates. For up-to-date information on healthy hygiene and safe travel, visit the CDC website or the Wisconsin Dept. of Health website.

 Q. Are businesses continuing with the more rigorous cleaning protocols they put in place at the start of the pandemic?

A. Wisconsin Dells area businesses already had extensive cleaning protocols in place but with the pandemic they increased those efforts even more so with both general cleaning and housekeeping practices. Do ask about this when you call in advance to any business you plan to visit. They’ll be happy to share their particulars. 

 Q. Are restaurants offering alternatives to indoor seating?

A. Restaurants have been especially innovative, adding curbside pickup, takeout, delivery, and outdoor seating. Call ahead to find out what’s available to make your dining experience enjoyable and tasty. And thank you for supporting our local eateries. 




Wisconsin Dells takes to heart the important role it plays as a vacation destination for millions seeking relaxation and precious time with family and friends. Especially now, we pledge to deliver the same warm hospitality that has defined this community for decades, even if doing so may continue to look a little different for awhile. 

Tourism and hospitality are the backbone of this community. We are home to nearly six thousand residents and a second home to millions more. We #LovetheDells and know we will get through this together. We’re here to assist and to welcome you when you’re ready to visit.

Last Updated January 6, 2022


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