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Wisconsin Dells Economic Impact Summary 2022

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Visitor Spending

The direct tally of $1,371,649,473 represents an increase of 6.1% from over a year ago. Factoring in the indirect impact, the overall total climbs to over $1.96 billion, an increase of 10.2% from last year.

2022 Visitor Expenditures By Category

Expenditures by Category: 

 Lodging: $479,102,403

 Food & Beverage: $383,562,776

 Retail: $228,793,285

 Recreation: $174,414,378

 Transportation: $105,776,632

Seasonal Breakout

2022 Seasonal BreakoutSummer accounts for 40% of all visitor spending in Wisconsin Dells, followed by spring, winter, and fall.

Expenditures by Season:

  • Winter: $291,788,125
  • Spring: $288,307,525
  • Summer: $555,067,058
  • Fall: $236,486,765


Total jobs supported, factoring in direct and indirect impacts, came in at 14,763. 

Tax Revenue

The Wisconsin Dells area is comprised of a little less than 20 square miles with just over 5,500 permanent residents and hosts over 5 million visitors annually. The overall Wisconsin Dells tourism economy contributed $44.6 million in state taxes and $58.9 million in local taxes.