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Fast, fun and exhilarating

Fast, fun and exhilarating

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Fast, fun and exhilarating. This 2 hour spectacular adventure offers nature lovers and thrill seekers, aged 4-80, an epic opportunity to zip through the treetops on a network of cables suspended high above the forest floor. Bigfoot Ziplines, consisting of 7 world-class towers and 7 signature lines which 2 of them are double racelines, is the largest Zipline Tour in Wisconsin Dells at over 20 football fields in length. Riders will have the time of their lives flying above and through the majestic red pine and white oak forest which surrounds Sasquatch Lake, as they zip to, from, and over Bigfoot Island. Bigfoot Zipline Tours is the #1 ranked attraction in Wisconsin Dells by It is simply awesome! Reservations are strongly recommended as tours fill quickly on a daily basis.

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    Buy a $50 gift card and get a $25 gift card for free. Buy as many as you want.


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    BigFoot Zipline Tours
    BigFoot Zipline Tours Stories
    2017-08-15<p>Our instructors Triston and Wes were great, they made everyone feel confortable and cracked jokes and banter all for good fun. They made sure we were safe and kept everything enjoyable.</p>
    -ChadClinton Township,MI
    2014-09-14I was up there 9-13-14 with my husband and some of his coworkers. We had never been ziplining before but we had amazing instructors (Dylan and Scott) who made it entertaining, easy to learn, and comfortable to go at our own pace. I would recommend anyone who is looking for fun and something other than water and theme parks to do the Bigfoot Zipline course!
    2014-08-04After attending my granddaughters softball tournament in Minnesota, my son and I decided to drive thru the Dells. Our main reason to go there was to ride the Bigfoot Zipline, a first for both of us, and we weren't disappointed. It was a 2 hr adventure thru woods, ponds and an island. Our guides Corey and DelRoy were amazing. Be prepared for the 547 steps. It's a good workout. Definitely an A+.
    2014-03-30 My wife and I took the BigFoot Zipline Tour 3 / 30 / 14. I can honestly say it was the highlight of our trip to the Dells! Our tour guides Gilligan and Taylor were funny and energetic, making the experience that much more enjoyable. We can't wait to do it again and would recommend it to everyone!
    2013-09-02My wife and I had the time of our lives. We're older and it was on my wife's bucket list. The two guides LUNCH BOX AND TYLER were great! I highly recommend this for anyone with guts! Thanks again Tylor and Lunchbox signed the CHICKEN

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    BigFoot Zipline Tours Articles
    Get Your Fill of Adventure2011-08-01Some vacation spots are defined by a single activity. You go to Mt. Rushmore to see the presidents. You go to Vegas to gamble. You go to Niagara Falls to honeymoon. Some might say you go to Wisconsin Dells to play in the waterparks and, to a very large degree, that would be true. But that’s not the only game in town.Read More
    Get Your Fill of Adventure

    Get Your Fill of Adventure

    If you like to hang out in a hammock on your vacation, this is not the itinerary for you. Now if you like to hang out at the waterpark or from a zip line, then start making a list of all the items on this adventure vacation checklist that you’d like to experience.

    Let’s get right to the must-do and that’s ride and slide your way through a favorite waterpark or two. Outdoors, it would be impossible to choose between Noah’s Ark Waterpark and Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Parks, so make time for both. At Noah’s Ark, their new looping waterslide called Scorpion’s Tail is the largest in the world. At Mt. O (that’s what the locals call it), crash through the nine-foot waves of their Poseidon’s Rage surf pool.

    There are a handful of indoor waterparks that make this itinerary, all housed at resorts that are nearly destinations unto themselves: Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center, Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort, Chula Vista Resort and Great Wolf Lodge. Water roller coasters, wild funnel rides, racing slides, even a surf machine at the Kalahari rank high on the adrenaline-inducing chart.

    Amusement parks come in the outdoor and indoor varieties too. Let’s start with outdoors. Timber Falls Adventure Park has two attractions that are noteworthy - their 70-degree banked and crazy-fast Hellcat roller coaster and their end-over-end Skyscraper ride that pulls four Gs at 60 mph 160 feet off the ground. At Mt. Olympus, all their roller coasters are a scream, but top prize goes to Hades, a wooden coaster made diabolically fun with a 65-degree drop, the world’s longest underground tunnel and speeds up to 70 mph.

    Moving to indoor amusement parks, the Kalahari Indoor Theme Park is the featured spot. Check out their elevated go-kart track, rock climbing wall, ropes course and laser tag. If adventure is the ticket for your little ones, there’s Knuckleheads Bowling & Indoor Amusement Park.

    Next up on your adventure itinerary - zip lines. The Wilderness Canyon Zipline Canopy Tours’ takes you over Lost Canyon and an expansive tree canopy. The other zip line, BigFoot ZipLine, has four water crossings.

    Still high in the sky is the next recommendation and that’s parasailing. Lake Delton Water Sports has been hoisting riders 450 feet in the air for a sail around Lake Delton for a dozen years now. They have a second location at Castle Rock Lake in nearby Mauston. Holiday Shores Watersports Center flies riders up and down the Wisconsin River with the sandstone bluffs as the backdrop for their rainbow-colored sails.

    Wisconsin Dells even offers some adventures in dining. At Marley’s - A Taste of the Caribbean, a hoppin’ spot in a new location, you can sample spicy jerk chicken and rum grouper. For an after-dinner drink, try Kahunaville Restaurant & Lounge, where bartenders juggle glasses and bottles as part of their drink mixology routine.

    Lest you be left with the impression that adventure is only available in the summer months, think again. In the fall, there’s the haunted boat tour of the Wisconsin River. This after-dark excursion, hosted by Dells Boat Tours® includes a shore landing and a walk deep into Witch’s Gulch, perfect for Halloween-timed getaways. Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Parks has haunted nights at their amusement park too. For winter, what could be better than the cold-weather version of the waterslide - snow tubing. Hop on a tube and fly down a hill at Cascade Mountain Ski, Snowboard & Snow Tube.


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    Scaling New Heights 2013-10-21See what Wisconsin Dells has to offer for those who want to climb, soar and swing above it all.Read More
    Scaling New Heights

    Scaling New Heights

    It’s called acrophobia. Fear of heights. If you fall into that category (no pun intended, really, just forget we even wrote that, OK?) and need some motivation n to overcome said fear, Wisconsin Dells to the rescue.
    You see, the Dells has such an interesting mix of vertical adventures that you’ll naturally gravitate towards one or another, then another, and another still and, before you know, the sky’s the limit for you. So, if you’re ready to scale new heights, the Dells is ready to deliver the views.
    A nice what to start might be indoors with a fun go at the ropes course. Knuckleheads Bowling & Indoor Amusement Park’s ropes course has 21 different elements and is located directly above the go-kart track, which rather adds to the excitement. Start out easy by walking the balance beam, then graduate to the rope loops that give the sensation of walking on waves. You’ll be in a body harness attached to a track above your head the entire time.
    The Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort built a ropes course above its arcade in the Wild West section of the property. A full-body harness gives you a nice sense of security as you climb your way around 42 challenges with varying degrees of difficulty including a tight rope and rickety bridge.
    At Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center’s indoor amusement park, their Sky Trail ropes course is 20 feet high and includes 22 individual climbing elements.  And if 20 feet’s not high enough for you, tack on 12 more with the rock climbing walls there. Celebrate your success by taking a seat, in their six-stories-tall Ferris wheels with glass enclosure.
    Did you Know:
    Rock climbing, ropes courses and zip lines are the top three team-building activities for business groups meeting in Wisconsin Dells. “Co-workers are more likely to help each other back at the office after bonding on a rock climbing wall or a ropes course.  Plus, these are team-building exercises that don’t feel work related, and everyone can appreciate that!”
    – Tifani Jones, Director of Sales, WDVCB
    Ready to head outdoors where rollercoasters await? Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Parks brings you the triple whammy with Hades 360, the world’s first upside down wooden rollercoaster – 360-degree upside-down barrel roll, the world’s longest underground tunnel, and speeds up to 70 mph. The hybrid wood/steel Hellcat roller coaster at Timber Falls Adventure Park has always been a hit with roller coaster fans thanks to its 70-degree banks and 10-story drop. Throw fear to the wind and ride the log flume and Skyscraper thrill ride while you’re there too.
    Then there are the plunge slides at Noah’s Ark Waterpark, with the Point of No Return standing 10 stories tall and the ride down taking all of five seconds.  Oh, did we mention it’s nearly a vertical drop? Right next to that slide is Scorpion’s Tail, the world’s tallest looping trap door waterslide. Pick your poison, so to speak.
    Devil’s Lake State Park is famous for its 500-foot tall bluffs – it’s not called the Midwest’s “Yellowstone” for nothing – with exhilarating views providing quite the incentive to get our and do some hiking.
    Soar above it all with a parasailing adventure on the upper dells of the Wisconsin River booked through Holiday Shores Watersports Center. Or if you prefer to fly, zip lining is a natural for top-of-the-world views that will make you forget you ever had a fear of heights in the first place. Choose from BigFoot Zipline Tours, Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Canopy Tour or Chimney Rock Park Zip Line Tours – Vertical Illusions.  Oh heck, if you’re feeling brave, why not try all three?
    There are even chances to scale new heights in the winter. Ski or snowboard at Cascade Mountain Ski, Snowboard & Snow or stay close to the ground without giving up the view by zooming down one of their snow tube runes. Christmas Mountains Village Ski offers instruction and plenty of runs for beginners to those craving a bit more challenge.
    Don’t forget to look down.


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    Head in the Clouds2014-09-02What is it about heights that people either love or hate? Since there isn’t enough room here for a pseudo-psychotherapy session, let’s just focus on the lovers. You know who you are. For starters, your vocabulary does not include the word “no” when it comes to opportunities for scaling, careening, flying and plunging. You’re usually the ringleader, and the first in line too.Read More
    Head in the Clouds

    What is it about heights that people either love or hate?

    Since there isn’t enough room here for a pseudo-psychotherapy session, let’s just focus on the lovers. You know who you are. For starters, your vocabulary does not include the word “no” when it comes to opportunities for scaling, careening, flying and plunging. You’re usually the ringleader, and the first in line too.

    In Wisconsin Dells, plenty of business owners like your type. In fact, maybe the our website should have a tab called “Thrill Seekers.” For now, the section on Amusement Parks and Rides will do.

    Here’s a sampling of fly-me-to-the-moon picks and why they’re so popular.

    Roller Coasters

    Zooming up and down not enough to get your heart pumping? Then how about looping upside down before disappearing underground? That’s the experience the Hades 360 wooden roller coaster at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Parks delivers. At Timber Falls Adventure Park, the Hellcat coaster combines 10-story drops with extreme 70-degree banks, just to keep it interesting.



    Trapdoor Waterslides

    Take your pick – indoor, outdoor, straight down, looping. Waterparks in Wisconsin Dells with waterslides where the bottom drops out from under you include Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Kalahari Waterpark Resort and Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort. The community isn’t called the Waterpark Capital of the World!® for nothing, and visitors wanting a waterpark thrill invariably have the Dells at the top of their bucket list. 




    Ziplining Speed, altitude and gear are the trifecta for today’s modern thrill seeker. In Wisconsin Dells there is something for everyone, and ziplining is no exception – the Wilderness Canyon Zipline Canopy Tour feeds the need for speed and pleases the eye while you explore the beautiful forests like only a bird can. Become one part Tarzan and one part Batman as you careen through the tree tops, across the lake to BigFoot Island at BigFoot Zipline Tours. Still need more? Soar like an eagle with Chimney Rock Park Zipline Tours –Vertical Illusions.



    Extreme Rides

    For you science nerds, you know what it means to pull Gs at 60 mph 160 feet off the ground and what that can do to a person. Yes, the correct answer is “make them scream uncontrollably.” The Skyscraper ride at Timber Falls Adventure Park should really come with ear plugs for those in line. You can also turn your world upside down on the new Revolution 360 ride at the Kalahari Indoor Theme Park. Bring along seven friends to lift off together on this circular pendulum-style ride.    

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    A Cure for Nature Deficit Disorder2014-04-07Read More
    A Cure for Nature Deficit Disorder

    With more than half of the world’s population now living in urban areas compared to less than 40% in 1990 (that stat is from the World Health Organization), it’s no wonder a new malady was coined (credit author Richard Louv) to address the ensuing effects of that trend. It’s called “nature deficit disorder.” As people spend less time connecting with nature and more time connected to technology they’re missing out on all the emotional and physical benefits of a walk in the woods.

    In the Wisconsin Dells area there are loads of nature options within and just outside the city limits, which often comes as a pleasant surprise to Gen X and Gen Y visitors. So pull out those cross trainers, warm up with a little stretching and start exploring the great outdoors in the Dells, starting with the river and scenery that started it all.


    The Wisconsin River

    While visitors are bound to drive back and forth over the bridge on Broadway in downtown Dells on their way to and from the attractions and waterparks, they may not realize it’s the Wisconsin River they’re driving over and that the river literally bisects the community of Wisconsin Dells. So rather than just drive over the Wisconsin River, get on it, with kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding all great options for burning a few calories in a setting much more inspiring than you’ll ever find on a treadmill. Rent needed gear at River’s Edge Bait Shop & Boat Rentals on the lower dells or Holiday Shores Watersports Center for on the upper dells.


    Scenic Tours

    After all that “doing” you’ve earned a little sit-back “seeing” of the natural beauty in the area. Take a double-decker boat tour or see the Wisconsin River aboard a WWII land-to-water vehicle known as a Duck. Jet boat rides on the river are heart-pounding fun for those who like an adrenaline burst even in their scenic tours. Sunset dinner cruises on the Wisconsin River make for a fine end to a fine day.
    Check out the full list of scenic tours here.


    A Day at the Lake

    What’s better than a day at the lake? How about a day on the lake, as in Lake Delton. Lake Delton is a mecca for watersports enthusiasts, fisherman, ice skaters, and fans of the Tommy Bartlett Show. Get out on the water with family in tow on your very own pontoon boat, or for those of you with a need for speed aboard a waverunner courtesy of Dells Watersports: Full Service Marina & Boat Rentals. Prefer not to be in the drivers seat, you can still take the plunge into Lake Delton aboard either of the area’s Duck tours. Make memories that will last a lifetime at one of the many lakeside resorts or vacation homes.


    Zip-line Canopy Tours

    Ditch the expense of a rainforest vacation and zip line in Wisconsin Dells instead. Red pines and white oaks dominate the landscape of BigFoot Zipline Tours. You can skim over the treetops courtesy of Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Canopy Tour, which takes you over the tree tops of literally takes you right over Lost Canyon. Zip over cliffs and through canyons with Chimney Rock Park Zip Line Tours – Vertical Illusions.


    Fishing and Hunting

    The Wisconsin River and Lake Delton are both hot fishing spots. Get ready to catch the big one and stock up on supplies at B & H Trout Fishing & Bait Shop. Want to take your fishing experience to the next level? Try bowfishing with Red Beard Bowfishing fro an adventure you will not forget. Tip: It’s an easy launch at the new Newport Park on the Wisconsin River, located just off Cty Hwy A. If what you’re after is a giant Wisconsin buck, Big Racks Hunt Club stands ready to take your reservation.


    Snowboarding and Skiing

    Don’t let a little snow deter you from outdoor pursuits. Put on a parka and ski, snowboard or snow tube at Christmas Mountain Village Ski, Snowboard & Tube or Cascade Mountain Ski, Snowboard & Snow Tube.



    The downtown RiverWalk opened up vistas to the Wisconsin River not accessible in75 years. Run, bike or walk this short paved path, allowing time to stop at a game table along the way.



    A Trio of State Parks

    It’s a triple bonanza for outdoor enthusiasts – Devil’s Lake, Mirror Lake and Rocky Arbor State Parks are all within a quick-and-easy drive from Wisconsin Dells. You’ll be amazed by the choices to get moving: Hike miles of gorgeous trails, go for a swim, canoe or kayak. There’s fishing and hunting, snowshoeing and rock climbing too.
    Tip: Don’t have equipment? You can rent canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards at Mirror Lake through Mirror Lake State Park: Boat & Kayak Rental. How easy is that!


    Where to Stay: Campgrounds 

    Wisconsin Dells has nearly 3,200 campsites. Choose from rustic tent camping, camp cabins or RV parks, or even a tree house depending on your back-to-nature preference for accommodations.

    Check out the full list of campgrounds here.

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    10 Ways to Put a Spring in Your Step This Winter2015-01-04<p> New rule: No complaining about winter. Sure, it&rsquo;s long, involves shorter days with gray skies, and is every meteorologist&rsquo;s dream come true to predict temperature swings and snowfall totals. But that&rsquo;s no reason to acquiesce!</p> Read More
    10 Ways to Put a Spring in Your Step This Winter

    New rule: No complaining about winter. Sure, it’s long, involves shorter days with gray skies, and is every meteorologist’s dream come true to predict temperature swings and snowfall totals. But that’s no reason to acquiesce. Here in Wisconsin Dells, we’re in the business of putting a spring in your step, even in the middle of the frozen months. Try these 10 activities and you’ll head off cabin fever at the pass.

    1. Barrel down a waterslide. The indoor waterparks here work like a dose of sunshine to brighten moods. The big six are Chula Vista Resort, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions, Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort, Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, Polynesian Water Park Resort and Great Wolf Lodge. Try a trapdoor slide, a water roller coaster, a funnel ride or a racing slide and you’ll have to wipe the smile off your face.  

    2. Jump around on a trampoline. Burn off a little steam by jumping around in Knuckleheads Trampoline Park • Rides • Bowling. There’s a massive jumping pillow, trampolines for shooting dunk shots and springy surfaces for playing family games.

    3. Perfect a snowboard trick or give snowtubing a whirl. Cascade Mountain Ski, Snowboard & Snow Tube and Christmas Mountain Village™ Ski, Snowboard and Tube both offer snowboard terrain parks and snowtube hills, to say nothing of their downhill runs. Cascade Mountain touts its high-speed Mountain Top Express to get to the top of the mountain quickly and easily. At Christmas Mountain there are also cross-country skiing trails.

    4. Zipline over snow-covered treetops. If you think ziplining is exhilarating in the summer, wait until you try it in the winter. Seeing Wisconsin’s winter wonderland from a vantage point high above the treetops is awe-inspiring. Year-round ziplining can be had at BigFoot Zipline Tours, Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Canopy Tour and Chimney Rock Park Zip Line Tours - Vertical Illusions.

    5. Take a spin on a go-cart or play some golf. Go-carting and mini-golf are so popular in Wisconsin Dells that they’ve become four-season sports thanks to weatherproofed options. The Kalahari Indoor Theme Park, for example, offers both. Their elevated go-cart track is a big visual inside the park. Along with mini-golf they also have a high-definition golf simulator. At the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort they recently added a two-story go-cart trail and they have not one but three indoor mini-golf courses.

    6. Commit to a fierce game of laser tag. Wild Fun Zone has a huge laser tag arena that looks like a giant space cave. The laser tag facility at the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort takes up two floors and is themed to the OK Corral. 


    7. Test your skills on a rock wall or ropes course. The Kalahari Indoor Theme Park has both a ropes course and climbing walls, so take up the challenge and try both. The ropes course at the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort is perched above the arcade and includes 42 different challenges with varying degrees of difficulty. Or try Knuckleheads Trampoline Park • Rides • Bowling version high above the go-kart track.


    8. Go questing for a wizard. The labyrinth at Wizard Quest looks like a full-size movie set. Collect “glimmers” by correctly answering riddles to free the wizards. You’ll have a magic wand in hand as you navigate the MagiQuest and ShadowQuest adventures at Great Wolf Lodge.


    9. Enjoy some horseback riding. Canyon Creek Riding Stables and Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable are open year-round. At Woodside Ranch, enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride.


    10. Bowl a few frames. Knuckleheads Trampoline Park • Rides • Bowling has 10 lanes, Chalet Lanes & Lounge has 12, and the Kalahari Indoor Theme Park has 24. Strikes, spares, splits, gutter balls, it’s all good.



    Looking for a few more ideas? Good-bye winter blahs, hello fun! See All Wisconsin Dells Winter Attractions

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