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Dells Boat Tours? on Wisconsin River

Dells Boat Tours? on Wisconsin River

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Take our complete scenic tour along the Wisconsin River and see its peaceful, natural beauty that has brought visitors here for over 100 years. On our 2-hour Upper Dells tour you will enjoy two scenic shorelandings. Relax aboard our 1-hour Lower Dells tour and see legendary sights. Get your heart racing on our Dells Jet Boat Adventure; a 30-minute thrill ride on the Lower Dells. Sunset cruises offer relaxed evenings touring the river with dinner and live music by Dan Soma. Visit our two ticket booth locations at 107 Broadway, Downtown Wisconsin Dells or at the Junction of Hwys 12, 13 & 16.
Classic Experience

Some 150 years ago visitors first came to Wisconsin Dells for rowboat tours of the Wisconsin River. From there the tours evolved to steam paddlers, then the double-decker steel vessels of Dells Boat Tours. This fleet of 21 boats carries thousands of visitors to see what is arguably and most "clasic" of the area's classic attractions - the "dells" rock formations that tower above the river. At the Stand Rock shore landing, the photo that made the Dells famous - of photographer H.H. Bennett's son caugh mid-air leaping from one rock bluff to another - is now recreated with a trusty dog.  There is a second shore landing at Witches Gulch.  This tour company has exclusive rights to these historic landings along the Upper and Lower Dells.



  • Visit our two ticket booth locations at 107 Broadway, Downtown Wisconsin Dells or at Junction of Highways 12, 13 & 16. Take Exit 87 off I/90/94.
Convention Overview
See the natural beauty of Wisconsin Dells abroad our boat tours! One and two hour tours provide your group with breathtaking views of the towering sandstone cliffs and rock formations that have made this area famous and with two shore landings.
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Cold Water Canyon Pavilionn/an/an/a60508030
Double Deck Boatn/an/an/a25252525
Clipper Winnebagon/an/an/a1006012050
Classic Wisconsin DellsWisconsin Dells Gift Cards
Classic Wisconsin DellsWisconsin Dells Gift Cards
Classic Wisconsin DellsWisconsin Dells Gift Cards
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Classic Wisconsin DellsWisconsin Dells Gift Cards
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Dells Boat Tours®
Dells Boat Tours® Stories
2010-03-14I was just a little kid at the time when first took my trip down the river on one of your tours. I was about 10. I'll never forget the ride. While we were going down the river a huge fish jumped out of the water and it scared every one on the tour. That was the only time we seen it ; still never found out what it was. All I can say was it was huge and scared the bajeebees out of me. Never came back to your river until I turned 57 (I'm 59 now.) It was a fun time but trust me, I don't sit by the rail any more.
2009-07-22love it wanna go back
2009-07-21I visited the Wisconsin Dells in 1973 with my family. It has been 35 yrs since that time and I still remember it. I tell my children about the tour and show them my pamplets I saved in my scrapbook. We visited Stand Rock, Cold Water Canyon and Witches Gulch. I loved all the ceremonial dances and had my tour book signed by "Chief Evergreen Tree"
-LindaPort Murray,New Jersey
2009-07-05Year of 1975 when our daughter was 2 years old Laura spoke her first words at the Dells was "puppy jumped the rock". A part of the Dells with a cliff and a self standing rock was the attraction.
2009-06-08I enjoyed very much my first visit to Wisconsin Dells. The place was completely new for me. I travel in the upper dells, visit the witches gulch, and saw the jumping dog. The rock formations were impressive. I enjoy every minute of the tour. What can I said? WOW! I will come back again soon.
-JesusCaguas,Puerto Rico

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Dells Boat Tours® Articles
Dandy Reasons for a Downtown Dells Stroll2010-04-02Glockenspiel and the RiverWalk; two free reasons to take a stroll through downtown Wisconsin Dells.Read More
Dandy Reasons for a Downtown Dells Stroll

glockenspiel-downtown-dells-29German Glockenspiel - Downtown Dells

Take the children to see the giant Glockenspiel with a musical re-enactment of the legendary Pied Piper of Hamelin every half-hour, on the hour. The legend goes that the Pied Piper rid the town of Hamelin of its rats and mice by charming them away with his flute playing. When the citizens of Hamelin refused to pay the piper the price they had agreed upon, he charmed away their children in revenge.

The German Glockenspiel with its fairy tale re-enactment is FREE making it one of the best Wisconsin Dells deals. It's located in the 400 block of Broadway, Downtown Wisconsin Dells.


dells-river-walk-wi-dells-29Dells RiverWalk

Stroll the Dells RiverWalk with vistas of the Wisconsin River and its sandstone bluffs now easily accessible to the public for the first time in 75 years. This ¼-mile paved path offers Dells visitors not only a breathtaking view of the Dells' unique scenery, but sprinkles in game tables and comfortable benches along its expanse in invitation to sit a spell and take in all of Mother Nature's glory. Walk, bike or run the Dells RiverWalk, but be sure to put this special experience on your Wisconsin Dells itinerary. It's one of the most scenic Wisconsin Dells activities available and it never disappoints.

The Dells RiverWalk entrance is located at the 100 block of Broadway in downtown Wisconsin Dells. It's free and open to the public year-round.


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New Document2009-10-01Sure, the waterslides here can be plenty scary, what with precipitous drops of hundreds of feet at near vertical angles. But in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, "The Waterpark Capital of the World!®", there are some other equally scary things going on, from ghost sightings to haunted river tours, all juicy adventures leading in to Halloween 2009.Read More
New Document

Stories of Apparitions In The Dells

Every town has its tales of ghosts, some the product of overactive teenage imaginations, but some just plain difficult to dismiss. Take the historic Showboat Saloon, a 100-year-old wedge-shaped building located at 24 Broadway in downtown Wisconsin Dells, that's long been regarded as haunted. Employees tell stories of the ghost of a past resident, believed to be named Molly, who haunts the upstairs kitchen, opening and closing doors and fiddling with appliances. She's non-threatening, but her appearances have understandably spooked staff, including kitchen manager Dave Pugh, who once lived upstairs. As he tells it, "It was eight years ago, early morning and I heard the door open and close and then felt someone tickling the bottom of my feet. When I opened my eyes, no one was there." Current owner of Showboat Saloon, Jesse DeFosse, says he no longer allows people to live upstairs because "too many strange things were happening." The bar area has apparently seen some supernatural activity too, with stories of human forms in turn-of-the-century clothing materializing in mirrors, sometimes appearing to be walking along the bar toward the exit door. Some say a strange voice has been heard numerous times near the stage area. In the cellar, unusual cold spots are apparent and employees have been known to experience feelings of nausea and sudden anxiety in this area. One little disclaimer - the sightings seem to happen after 3 a.m.

Others in the community say the ghost of riverboat captain Leroy Gates haunts the waters of the Wisconsin River. More than 150 years ago, visitors first came to the Dells for up-close tours of the craggy sandstone cliffs that tower over the river. One of those first entrepreneurs to see the sightseeing potential in the waterway was lumber rafter Leroy Gates. In 1856, he took out an ad declaring he had purchased a boat for the purpose of touring occult caves of the Dells. Gates met his death on September 8, 1895, but not before he carved in the sandstone bluffs an inscription that would preserve his place in Dells history forever: "Leroy Gates, Dells & River Pilot, from 1849 to 1858."

Then there's Belle Boyd, famous Confederate spy who spent her final days in Wisconsin Dells. As the story goes, Boyd, who hailed from Virginia, bravely aided Confederate generals, using her flirtatious charms to get information from a Union general's aide, even setting out on horseback that same night to personally deliver her findings. By the end of the war, she traveled the country to present dramatic narratives of her spying adventures. On June 9, 1900, she arrived in Wisconsin Dells to give a speech to veterans of the Union Army. Two days later, at the age of 56, she suffered a fatal heart attack. Her gravesite in the Wisconsin Dells' Spring Hill Cemetery was completed with stones from each of the Confederate states. Some claim her ghost wanders the paths of the cemetery yet today.

Apparently there is also a ghost haunting Highway 12 between Lake Delton and Baraboo. The man, dressed in a green jacket and seemingly transparent, is said to be hitchhiking, disappearing and then reappearing out of nowhere farther down the road. Drive carefully!

Wisconsin Dells Haunts - Showboat Saloon

More Dells Ghost Lore

The demise of two hotels, both burned to the ground, show up in haunted tales of Wisconsin Dells. The Crandall Hotel, a popular vacation spot in the late 1800s for travelers who got off at the downtown train station across the street, was run by George Humphrey Crandall. Crandall was lauded for his efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the area and was also owner of the Dells Boat Company. The hotel burned down in 1974, but, as folklore has it, ghosts of hotel guests still roam the grounds where the hotel once stood on the 800 block of River Road.

The infamous Dell House was built in 1837, just beyond a harrowing bend in the Wisconsin River called the Narrows, at the southern tip of Black Hawk's Island. The story goes this was not a "classy establishment," but rather a place that catered to the basic needs of rough river men who came there - food, a place to sleep, bad whiskey, gambling and women. Fights were not uncommon, and some unlucky patrons were rumored to have found their final resting place on the muddy bottom of the nearby Wisconsin River. The days of river traffic came and went and the Dell House was abandoned. Tourists brave enough to camp near the site spread tales of mysterious sounds like pounding footsteps, cursing and breaking glass and shadowy figures slipping past the trees. The building burned to the ground in 1899, with the ruins engulfed by the surrounding forest.

The Ghost Town of Newport

On the Wisconsin River just over a mile from the current city of Wisconsin Dells, the village of Newport sprung up in 1853, as several thousand settled here after hearing the Milwaukee and La Crosse Railroad would cross the river at this spot. When the bridge and dam ended up being located a mile upstream after an alleged secret moonlight survey, Newport became a virtual ghost town in favor of Kilbourn City, known today as Wisconsin Dells. Only Dawn Manor, a grand mansion built in 1855 by Captain Abraham Vanderpoel, signer of the Wisconsin Constitution, remains as a reminder of Newport. The building now houses the art collection of George Raab, one of Wisconsin's famous artists.

Modern Day Halloween In The Dells - Scary But Fun

Area businesses are getting into the fun (or should we say fright) of Halloween this year with some new offerings. Dells Boat Tours is bringing visitors the first-ever "Ghost Boat Tours" of the Wisconsin River. This 90-minute cruise runs every Friday and Saturday in October and departs at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. from the Dells Boat Tour's Drinker Dock on River Road just two blocks north of Broadway in downtown Wisconsin Dells. The Ghost Boat will wind its way to Witches Gulch where passengers will disembark and sneak along the narrow boardwalk as it winds deep into the darkened gorge. The tour will also take passengers past the spot where the Dell House once stood, with the tour script drawing from both the history and folklore of the area. This after-dark tour is not recommended for children under the age of 11.

The Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort opens its new haunted Tombstone Town Haunted Hotel & Livery on October 10. Located off a lobby area, visitors can explore the town's spooky saloon, a ghostly guest room, creepy attic and haunted jail. There's also a maddening mine shaft mirror maze. The attraction open exclusively to resort guests.

Chula Vista Resort, set along the Upper Dells of the Wisconsin River shoreline, is featuring "Spooktober" every weekend in October with performances by illusionist Jeremy Allen and a Monster Mash Halloween night.

Less than a half hour from Wisconsin Dells in nearby Mauston, Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable will have haunted hayrides and a haunted corn maze Friday and Saturday nights from dusk to 10 p.m. beginning October 2 and running through the end of the month. Their web site cautions guests to beware "the headless horseman rides again."

Wisconsin Dells Scenic Tours - Dells Boat Tours
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Taking A Boat Tour Of The Wisconsin River? Then Preview The Highlights 2010-04-15Tour the Wisconsin River and look for oddly shaped bluffs with oddly appropriate names along the way.Read More
Taking A Boat Tour Of The Wisconsin River? Then Preview The Highlights

Glacial meltwaters ripped through this area some 14,000 years ago leaving behind fascinating sandstone formations that shadow both sides of the Wisconsin River. Native Americans canoeing the river were the first to lay eyes on these natural wonders. Later, they guided French explorers through the water passageways. The French were charmed by the sandstone towers that looked like a stack of pancakes and, in fact, the word "Dells" mimics the French word "dalles," meaning "layers of flat rock."

There's a nice variety of Upper Dells boat tours in Wisconsin Dells, so if you're planning on taking in the natural scenery -- and you should -- here are some highlights to watch for:

PT BoatP.T. 109 Boat Patrol

Teetering rock formations, dark grottos, fragrant evergreens and fresh air mark this tour. No walking, just sight-seeing extraordinaire. See if you can memorize the names that have been given to the bluff formations over the years in the Dells, like Romance Cliff, Chimney Rock, Black Hawk's Profile and Demon's Anvil.



Dells Boat Tours WI RiversDells Boat Tours®

The on-water portion is scenic, of course, but the best part of this tour may just be the shore landings. At Stand Rock, see a trained dog leap from one sandstone bluff to another, recreating the famous 1888 photo taken by landscape photographer H.H. Bennett of his son doing the same. The second stop is at Witches Gulch, a glen with mysterious passageways that also provides a natural cool-down from your perch atop the double-decker boat.




Sunset Dinner Cruise WI RiverDells Boat Tours® Sunset Dinner Cruise

The Wisconsin River at dusk is a thing of beauty. Listen to a narrative on the waterway, enjoy fine dining in Wisconsin Dells with a surf-and-turf meal, be serenaded with live music, and enjoy the pièce de résistance -- a stroll on torch-lit paths at the Witches Gulch shore landing.




Princess Kay Paddle Boat WI RiverPrincess Kay Paddlewheel Riverboat

The mode of transportation might be the biggest highlight of all here, because it's the only boat of its kind in the Dells -- an authentic paddle-wheel riverboat that seats 150 for a Wisconsin Dells dining experience.





Here's one last tip - regardless of the tour, be sure to watch for the swallows' nest built into the bluffs and the hemlock trees draping from the cliffs. These both came to be thanks to the porous makeup of the sandstone, making them an original Wisconsin Dells attraction.


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Fall's Top 10 2010-09-22See how many of these Wisconsin Dells fall activities you can lay claim to.Read More
Fall's Top 10

WI Dells Wo Zha Wa ParadeSo you claim to be a veteran Dells' traveler. But have you partaken of these 10 fall activities? If so, your title stands. If not, better get going.

  • Stake out a spot on the sidewalk for the September Wo-Zha-Wa Fall Festival parade.
  • Dine at a Wisconsin Dells sports bar while watching a football game.
  • Hike the Ice Age Trail at Devil's Lake State Park.
  • Sample your favorite microbrews at Dells On Tap, part of Autumn Harvest Fest.
  • Cast your line for walleye in the Wisconsin River.
  • Stroll the RiverWalk downtown and take in the river and sandstone bluffs.
  • Get in some early Wisconsin Dells shopping for the holidays.
  • Tour a local winery and sip a seasonal wine.
  • Set aside a full day for golf before fall color turns to winter white.
  • Tour the river by Wisconsin Dells Duck or by tour boat and soak up autumn in all its glory.




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Attraction & Lodging Price Guide2013-01-06Price it out, then plan it.Read More
Attraction & Lodging Price Guide

Price It Out, Then Plan It

This section allows you to download the Wisconsin Dells area price guide. We're certain you'll land on the right dollar figure.


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