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Our Version of Hot Springs

Couple in the infinity pool at Sundara Inn & Spa

Strange as it sounds, Southerners head to Wisconsin Dells to experience an authentic snowy winter and still swim outside. At Sundara Inn & Spa, the outdoor infinity pool is heated year-round, plus their fireplace cove stays toasty warm even as temperatures dip. At Chula Vista Resort on the banks of the Wisconsin River, the outdoor hot springs includes a large outdoor whirlpool, heated decks and a two-story adobe fireplace, perfect for warming up on a winter day.

While those two options are decidedly grown-up in feel, family travelers can still enjoy a tropical getaway at Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort, where the see-through roof over their indoor Wild WaterDome waterpark lets in the sun’s rays year-round-don’t forget your sunscreen! Bob blissfully in the wave pool there, the largest in the country.

All the indoor waterparks in Wisconsin Dells keep thermostats set in the comfy 80-degree range, perfect for melting stress away and keeping warm even as Old Man Winter and Jack Frost continue their winter fury.

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