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The Ultimate Guide to Wisconsin Dells Sweets and Treats

Candied apples and other sweet treats.

Where to Shop for Candy, Fudge and Other Sweet Treats

That headline catch your attention? Well, that just means you appreciate the sweeter things in life, like vacationing in Wisconsin Dells and indulging in sweet treats made with love.

If you’re looking for permission to indulge your sweet tooth, consider this your green light. There’s something about fall and fudge, or fall and any kind of sweet treat really, that just seems right. Caution – you may get a sugar rush just reading this.

Sweets for the Sweet

The words candy store and Wisconsin Dells go together like caramel and apples, saltwater and taffy, and chocolate and fudge. Time for a tour of the tastiest stops in Wisconsin Dells.

Fudge and Caramel

At Swiss Maid Fudge, they use 100% Wisconsin sweet cream butter, heavy cream, and pure chocolate and vanilla for their signature treats. In the category of fudge, who among us could resist their cookies and cream, rocky road, or turtle fudge varieties. The cinnamon apple pie dipped apple and the turtle pecan caramel apple are irresistible too. If you love toffee, pick up some of their English toffee while you’re there.

Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge touts that it is the Dells’ first fudge shop – it opened in 1962 - with the shop’s insistence on original recipes and fresh ingredients, keeping customers coming back for more. Dark chocolate lovers will gravitate to the double dark chocolate pecan fudge, while kids will clamor for the peanut butter fudge.

The top flavors of fudge at Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge include milk chocolate nut and turtle. Dipped apples and caramel assortments are equally mouthwatering. 

Best Candy Shops in Wisconsin

Goody Goody Gum Drop is what Willy Wonka would have built had he lived in Wisconsin Dells. There are 1,000 different kinds of candy here, making it the largest candy store in Wisconsin. Choose gummies, jellybeans, hard candy, soft candy, chocolates, saltwater taffy, or a combo of all of the above to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Candy Connection is known for its large selection of nostalgic candies. Kids, here’s your chance to get your parents and grandparents to fill a bag with sweets that you can all enjoy. Note, this store is only open through Oct. 30. 


At Oodlesmack Popcorn, the puppy chow and caramel cashew popcorn varieties are among their bestsellers.

Another gourmet popcorn emporium is Kernel Popcorn’s Factory, with flavors including caramel, confetti, frosted birthday cake, and English toffee to tempt kids and grown-ups. 

Fresh Bakery Sweets and Treats

Get your fill of those famous sugar-coated buttermilk donuts from Paul Bunyan’s Northwoods Cook Shanty before they close for the season at the end of October.

Country Bumpkin Farm Market will be open through Nov. 5 this year, giving you ample time to enjoy their seasonal fruit pies. 

The bubble waffles at Dells Bistro come in three flavors – cookies & cream, Nutella banana, and strawberries & cream.

Frozen Treats and Ice Cream in the Dells

You have to try the homemade Mexican popsicles at WIchoacana Mexican Dessert Bar. They also have ice cream, homemade popsicles, and fruit cup concoctions. 

The folks at Cold Stone Creamery believe it’s always a great day for ice cream and who can argue with that. Have them scoop your favorite flavor and mix in goodies of choice for an ice cream experience that makes brain freeze worth it. 

The Hey Moo food truck at Grateful Shed serves up a menu heavy on ice cream. Think ice cream sammies, milkshakes, waffle cones, and brownie a la mode.

Time Your Treat-Buying to Sweetest Day

Come on, it’s in the name, “Sweetest” Day, which in our mind means sweets for the sweet. Let’s go classic with chocolate-covered strawberries from the Candy Connection, sea salt caramel truffles from Swiss Maid Fudge, or chocolate-covered cherries from Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge

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