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Wisconsin Dells: The Best Roller Coasters in Wisconsin

Tiger-themed roller coaster at Knuckleheads

Your Guide to Roller Coasters in Wisconsin Dells

While it’s no secret that “The Waterpark Capital of the World!®” offers plenty of wet and wild entertainment, it also boasts world-class roller coasters and thrill rides! If you’d like to include some adrenaline-pumping – but drier – fun on your next trip to Wisconsin Dells, here is your ultimate guide to Wisconsin Dells roller coasters. 

Hades 360 rollercoaster.

The Best Roller Coasters in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells should be on the “bucket list” of every serious roller coaster fan! The area offers an amazing array of unforgettable coasters, including the world’s first upside-down wooden coaster, the world’s longest underground coaster tunnel, and one of the nation’s longest roller coasters. 

  • Hades 360 Rollercoaster – Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
    This roller coaster is truly one-of-a kind. Hades 360 is the world’s first upside-down wooden roller coaster, with the world’s longest underground tunnel. What sets this ride apart? After a 140 ft. drop, Hades 360 races through a tunnel underneath the parking lot – leaving riders in complete darkness for a few seconds! If that isn’t enough to get your heart pumping, there is a 360-degree loop that follows. This coaster is sure to excite even the most seasoned thrill seekers!
  • Zeus Rollercoaster – Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
    While Hades 360 is a heart-pounder, we can’t forget about its sibling, Zeus. This ride takes you through twists and turns over 2,700 ft. of track, racing through a vast forest. After climbing 90 ft. into the sky, Zeus plunges down at 60 mph!
  • Black Anaconda – Noah’s Ark Waterpark
    Who says a coaster ride can’t include a little water? (OK. Maybe a LOT of water!) At more than ¼ mile in length, Black Anaconda is one of the nation's longest water coasters. You’ll want to bring some friends along for this ride. Black Anaconda combines the elements of a coaster and a raft experience to slide riders down the belly of a snake. Take on six hills, twists, and turns at up to 30 mph. 
  • Cyclops Rollercoaster – Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
    This roller coaster has not one drop, but two! You’ll want to hang on tight for this one as it intermingles with both Zeus and Hades 360. With an exhilarating 1,680 ft. track and 75 ft. drop, Cyclops is a pulse-pounding adventure.
  • Pegasus Rollercoaster – Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
    Pegasus is a family-friendly soaring adventure. Racing over 1,600 ft. of track, Pegasus reaches heights of 60 ft. and thrills riders to a 45 ft. drop.

Hades 360 rollercoaster.

Wisconsin Dells Roller Coasters for Kids

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to plunge downward at 60 mph, experiencing 140 ft. drops and 360-degree loops before screaming through tunnels or water features. That’s why Wisconsin Dells features an equally amazing array of roller coasters designed for children – or anyone who’d like to experience roller coaster thrills in a slightly tamer way!

  • Sky Rangers –  Tom Foolerys Adventure Park
    This ride is the perfect introduction to roller coaster thrills for the littlest ones. It’s also conveniently located in Tom Foolerys Adventure Park, home to arcade games, indoor zip lining, rock climbing, bowling,  and more! 
  • Indoor, tiger-themed roller coaster – Knuckleheads Trampoline Park · Rides · Bowling 
    This lively indoor amusement park recently added a tiger coaster for tots. This gentle coaster seats 12 and is geared towards children and parents. 
  • Little Titans Rollercoaster – Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
    Not too high, and not too fast. This steel roller coaster was designed specifically for the kiddos. There are no drops of any kind, just some good old tilting and turning! 
  • Natural “Roller Coaster Hills” – Original Wisconsin Ducks® and Dells Army Duck Tours 
    Long before man-made coasters existed in Wisconsin Dells, tourists were drawn to the area for its natural beauty – and, for generations, they saw it by hopping aboard an Original Wisconsin Duck or Dells Army Duck. These amphibious vehicle tours include stunning natural sights, a history of the area, and, of course, a little thrill. While it might not be your traditional roller coaster, these Ducks sure know how to navigate exhilarating curves and elevation changes of “roller coaster hills,” as well as plunges into the river. 

Updated on 07/08/2024

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