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Your Guide to Boat Tours in Wisconsin Dells

WildThing Jet Boat on Wisconsin River.

When visitors first started flocking to Wisconsin Dells more than 160 years ago, it was for the scenic boat tours of the Dells of the Wisconsin River. How wonderful that those tours remain such an iconic draw yet today.

This story proves why Wisconsin Dells boat tours are a must-do during your summer vacation here. Along with the famous boat tours, there are also  some surprise river and lake tours to try this year.

Witches Gulch on Dells Boat Tours.

Wisconsin Dells Boat Tour Ideas

Let’s start by checking off the most famous of the boat tours.

  • Dells Boat Tours: It’s like taking a step back in time as you board a double-decker boat (one of 10 tour boats that carry more than a half-million passengers each year) for a peaceful cruise on the Wisconsin River. You’ll pass towering cliffs and dramatic rock formations and explore hidden passages. The shore landing at Witches Gulch presents mystical scenery, while the shore landing at Stand Rock is the site of the world-famous dog leap from one cliff to another. We recommend both the Upper Dells and Lower Dells tours to get a complete picture of the natural beauty that is Wisconsin Dells and to learn of the Native American history of the area too. 
  • Dells Boat Tours Sunset Dinner Cruise: As if the magnificent scenery wasn’t enough, you’ll be treated to a delicious surf-and-turf entrée, a shore landing and romantic stroll through torchlit Witches Gulch, and live music during this Wisconsin River at-dusk tour. And you’ll do it all aboard a 101 year old boat.
  • Duck Tours: “Ducks” is shorthand for WWII amphibious vehicles, with Wisconsin Dells having two fleets to choose from. Dells Army Duck Tours navigate the waters of the Lower Dells with their sightseeing experience taking you past the Grotto Island, Sugar Bowl, and Lone Rock prehistoric sandstone rock formations. Original Wisconsin Ducks is famous for its splashdowns on the Wisconsin River and Lake Delton. They’ve been operating their land-to-water vehicles continuously since 1946 and have the largest fleet in the world.
  • Jet Boats: If spinouts, slides, power stops and drenchings are your thing, then make a point to hop aboard a jet boat for a tour of the Wisconsin River. WildThing Jet Boats skim along the Upper Dells, while Jet Boat Adventures span both the Upper and Lower Dells.

RedBeard Bowfishing tour on Wisconsin River.

Unique Wisconsin Dells Boat Tours

Check out these non-traditional “boat” tours that are also worth checking out.

  • Redbeard Bowfishing: Head out on the Wisconsin River with an experienced guide and learn the art of bowfishing. There are both daytime and nighttime charters and all the equipment is provided. A fun choice for a bachelor or bachelorette party.
  • Ghost Boat: This after-dark tour is not for the faint of heart, with a Wisconsin River shore landing at an ancient grotto in a Haunted Canyon producing eerie sights every step of the way.
  • Dells Watersports Chartered Pontoon Rentals: Gather 15 of your closest friends for a pontoon float on Lake Delton. Dells Watersports provides the driver and they’ll even pick you up free if you’re staying on Lake Delton. 
  • Holiday Shores Watersports Guided WaveRunner Tours: Here’s a unique way to experience the Upper Dells of the Wisconsin River – it’s a guided tour via personal watercraft. Your guide will take you to all the scenic highlights that made Wisconsin Dells famous.

For more inspiration on Wisconsin Dells boat tours, browse our Scenic Tours page.

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