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Dockside Grill & Rum Bar

Dockside Grill & Rum Bar

Dockside Grill & Rum Bar

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2370 Wisconsin Dells PkwyWisconsin Dells 53965
(608) 254-4141
Closed for Season - Opening Summer 2017
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Dockside Grill & Rum Bar, overlooking the Kilbourn Dam, has a fantastic menu featuring several varieties of salads, sandwiches, and entrées made from scratch with the freshest possible ingredients.

Convention Overview

The Dockside Grill & Rum Bar in Wisconsin Dells offers a relaxed atmosphere at the Lower Dells Boat Landing. Map the location, see nearby attractions & more.

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    Dells Restaurants With A Water View2010-04-01Tantalizing Views - Restaurants that serve up pretty panoramas.Read More
    Dells Restaurants With A Water View

    wisconsin-river-restaurants-25River Moon Café

    It would be easy -- and a crime -- to drive by this gem. A bit hidden in a little enclave of shops behind Mexicali Rose restaurant, the café is perched right on the river next to the Kilbourn Dam. In fact, you're so close to the water that when you dine outside, you can hear the squeals from the folks taking the jet boat ride. The food is fresh, fresh, fresh. We asked owner Mary Helland about some of the favorites on the menu and she said the pumpkin bread and the spaghetti sauce, both recipes of her mom's, top the list.



    river-walk-wisconsin-dells-25River Walk Pub

    This place is perfect for a Friday fish fry in the Dells, a leisurely dinner of slow-roasted prime rib, or maybe just an appetizer basket of beer-battered cheese curds. Just don't leave without stepping out the back door for a stroll on the Downtown Dells RiverWalk that is just a few feet from the pub's outdoor dining area.





    rivers-edge-wisconsin-dells-25River's Edge Pub & Grub

    This quaint stop, just a few miles out of town, sits right on the Lower Dells of the Wisconsin River. Customers like to call it a best kept secret. Not anymore.





    Ravina Bay Bar & Grill

    Located on the South Shore of beautiful Lake Delton, directly across the bay from the Tommy Bartlett Show. They are known for their wonderful al fresco dining experience and fabulously fresh fare including flatbreads, sliders and wraps.  A Wisconsin Dells locals’ favorite.

    While not on the river, another restaurant with incredible water views is Ishnala Supper Club which is literally perched over pristine Mirror Lake.


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    Choosing “Best Of” Food Finds is Delicious Duty 2012-08-16For the majority of travelers, even the most disciplined, the act of eating while on vacation is often equal parts indulging, searching out favorites and trying new things.Read More
    Choosing “Best Of” Food Finds is Delicious Duty

    monksWhen you have more than 100 restaurants, confectionaries and specialty food stores to choose from, as you do in Wisconsin Dells, the process can be incredibly satisfying.

    Setting out to catalogue some of the “best of” food finds in the Dells was no small task. Locals have their favorites and proved a good starting point for recommendations. Sheer traffic to eateries was another tip-off. Of course, the ultimate critique comes in the taste. Here is a sampling - it’s by no means an exhaustive list, as that would require a book - to help guide your culinary decisions the next time you’re visiting Wisconsin Dells.


    Best of Cheese
    It’s Wisconsin, so we had no choice but to start the list with cheese.

    • For fresh cheese curds in all their squeaky goodness, shop Market Square Cheese. For the deep-fried variety, the Sand Bar's version goes great with their homemade hot tomato relish. 
    • Best grilled cheese sandwich goes to the Cheese Factory Restaurant - it was named one of the Top 5 in the country by celebrity chef Rachel Ray.
    • Best mac and cheese for grown-ups can be found at High Rock Café - they call their rich and creamy entrée Big Kid Mac & Cheese and you can even customize the spiciness of this traditional favorite.

    Best Burger

    The undisputed winner here is the Original Monk’s Burger at the classic Monk’s Bar & Grill in downtown Dells. This is the burger that started it all, or so it says on the menu. It’s a fresh patty simmered on the seasoned grill. The grill is right at the front of the joint with the aromas piped outside - the original owner called it “aroma marketing.”

    Best Ribs

    House of Embers claims honors in this category. In 1959, Wally Obois decided his new restaurant would be famous for hickory smoked BBQ ribs. And so it came to be. Today his son Mike uses the same technique to make these deliciously tender ribs using a specially designed smoke house and a secret BBQ sauce. And they are.

    Best Friday Night Fish Fry

    • For atmosphere and food, the Friday Night fish fry at River’s Edge Pub & Grub can’t be beat - the cod is broasted and the dining room features a 4,000-gallon aquarium filled with local fish.
    • Also in contention - the classic Wisconsin fish fry offering at Italian restaurant Sarento’s Restaurant, of all places, and the fish plate at Ravina Bay Bar & Grill, which pairs well with their homemade clam chowder.

    Best Deep Dish Pizza

    • In its menu description, Uno Chicago Grill claims to have invented deep dish pizza. We don’t know about that, but there’s no arguing their pizza, with dough made fresh every day, is delicious. The Wisconsin Dells restaurant is owned by husband/wife team of Mike and Laura Nate.
    • Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co., Buffalo Phil’s Pizza & Grille, Pizza Ranch of Wisconsin Dells, Pizza Villa and Pizza Pub are shoo-ins in the broader pizza category.

    Best Steaks

    Wisconsin Dells is known for its quintessential Wisconsin supper clubs and at these supper clubs you’ll find the most delicious steaks around. In this category, you won’t go wrong making reservations at Field’s at the Wilderness, Ishnala Supper Club, Del-Bar, Kaminski Bros. Chop House, Copper Oak Steak House or House of Embers.

    Best Sweet Treats

    • For donuts, the Paul Bunyan’s Northwoods Cook Shanty variety served at breakfast and in their bakery is legendary. Holiday Shores Camp-Resort makes theirs homemade and their guests always line up at the counter before the first donuts come out of the fryer.
    • For desserts, the list is a mile long, but you should, at least once in your life, try any flavor of homemade cheesecake at the CheeseCake Heaven Deli Restaurant, the to-die-for dessert bars at River Moon Café, artisian cakes at the Cheese Factory Restaurant, or a one-of-a-kind flavor creation at Cold Stone Cremery.
    • For homemade fudge, it’s a tie between Swiss Maid Fudge and Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge, both celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2012.

    Wisconsin Cranberry Confections

    Did you know Wisconsin is the nation’s largest producer of cranberries? For that reason alone we were compelled to make this a category onto itself. And the winner is Cranberry Connections, where you can indulge in five flavors of cranberry ice cream, all made at a small dairy right in state, cranberry raspberry salt water taffy, white craisin pretzel bark and their #1 seller, craisin cashew crunch. The candy looks especially pretty when served in one of their collectible cranberry glass bowls. 

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    Another Time, Same Place2013-02-14It all started after spying some vintage advertising posters at the offices of the Original Wisconsin Ducks. The posters, which depicted boat tours of the Upper and Lower Dells and the Duck rides, had a kitschy 1960s style to them that anyone who loves advertising art would instantly appreciate.Read More
    Another Time, Same Place

    Another Time, Same Place

    It all started after spying some vintage advertising posters at the offices of the Original Wisconsin Ducks. The posters, which depicted boat tours of the Upper and Lower Dells and the Duck rides, had a kitschy 1960s style to them that anyone who loves advertising art would instantly appreciate. When asked about them, owner of the Ducks, Dan Gavinski, said there were others, and pulled out a scrap book with black-and-white photos of posters displayed around town to prove it. Many of the attractions still exist, like the Tommy Bartlett ski show, Wisconsin Deer Park, and of course the Ducks and boat tours. Others have been lost to time and tourists’ tastes, like Storybook Garden and Ft. Dells. The signature of the artist was distinctive – it was Valentine with a heart over the “I” and a swoosh for the middle of the “E.”

    Gavinski directed us to River Moon Café, where a handful of the posters adorn the walls of the restaurant. We met up with Eric Helland, who owns the café with wife Mary, to take a closer look. “My favorite is the poster for the Indian Ceremonial, it’s so dramatic with the dark blue starry sky and the moonlit silhouette of the dog jumping at Stand Rock,” said Helland. He found the posters in storage at the old Riverview Boat Line once owned by his family, and decided they deserved a better fate then being unceremoniously stashed away.

    The Wisconsin Deer Park poster had us laughing, as the woman is wearing a cocktail dress with what appears to be coordinating high heel shoes. To feed the deer. Her doting husband, with camera around neck, is directing her to move closer to the buck so he can snap the perfect photo. “That one really harkens back to the ‘60s and a different time in the Dells,” laughed Helland. According to the owners of Wisconsin Deer Park, the reference to Bambi Land on the poster drew the attention of Disney, with official correspondence requesting they not refer to it as such. Wisconsin Deer Park used stickers to cover up the words rather than waste the posters.

    Next stop was at the offices of the Tommy Bartlett Show, where owner Tom Diehl helped to fill in the blanks. As Diehl recounted, the artist, “Val” Valentine, lived in Florida and was brought to the Dells by Tommy Bartlett (who also owned attractions in Florida), to create a promotional poster for the ski show. Interestingly, it’s the one poster of the bunch not signed by Valentine.
    This is where the story really gets interesting. “Valentine’s grandson stopped in last summer after seeing the 60th anniversary piece on the ski show that aired on NBC, wanting to know if anyone in the office was familiar with the artist who created the poster,” said Diehl. The grandson told Diehl that his grandfather was in his early 90’s and still residing in Florida.

    A little online research turned up references to Valentine as a master of promotion and an innovator of haunted houses who began his career working for famous animation studios. For the Dells’ posters, with the originals assumed to be painted and then screen printed, he used a florescent color palette of oranges, greens, blues and reds. Somewhat formulaic in design so they would all “hold together” when displayed side-by-side, each has a word or two in the upper right hand corner ending with an exclamation point. Spectacular! Enchanting! Astounding! Wonderful! Fantastic! Welcome Aboard!

    Decades apart, yet not so far from how the Wisconsin Dells brand is promoted still today.


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